Beeston Wildlife Group Walks and Talks

Indoor Talks 2018-2019

VENUE           Trent Vale Infant School, Trent Road, Beeston Rylands, Nottinghamshire, NG9 1LP.

TIME              7.30 - 9.30pm.

ADMISSION   £3.00 Adults, Children free - includes refreshments.


Oct 15th 2018       Wildlife in the Heavens?                                                           Jim Miller

Planet Earth is uniquely positioned in our solar system allowing life to thrive. Any closer to or further from the sun and we would fry or freeze. Our atmosphere protects us from lethal gamma rays and meteorites – but are we safe? Discoveries of planets around stars, and water on our near planets lead us to ask the big question. Is there other life out there? Jim explains what we know so far.

Nov 19th 2018      Wollaton Park                                                                            David Fox

A landmark familiar to Nottingham residents, this oasis of green within the City teems with wildlife. David will take us behind the scenes at the Hall and introduce us to some of its former residents.  We’ll hear about the deer, the woodlands, the lake and the grounds. This is a talk for all the family.

Dec 17th 2018      Wild Sichuan – China                                                              Tim Melling

The Land of the Giant Panda and the equally endearing Red Panda - Sichuan State has high-altitude cloud forest, varied climates and breathtaking scenery with amazing birds and mammals. There is no better raconteur than our friend Tim. Bring all the family to this one too!

Jan 21st 2019       Subterranean Safari                                                                    Karl Ritz

Karl takes us on a journey through the soil, exploring the myriad of life forms that live beneath our feet. Mammals, worms, astonishing protozoa, fungi and bacteria all interacting with one another. Karl promises it will change the way we see the world, when we have seen the ‘Life IN Earth’.

Feb 25th 2019      The Grey Seal – too successful for its own good?               Rob Lambert

The Atlantic Grey Seal is a common sight around British coasts. These carnivores eat a lot of fish and weigh up to half a ton! Their numbers have doubled since 1960 making them a conservation success. Rob takes a look at the problems they can cause in a thought provoking and entertaining talk.

March 18th 2019     Scotland’s Northern and Western Isles                              Nick Martin

The Scottish Isles have their own ‘personalities’, each one slightly different from the next. They are places to escape to and enjoy the abundant wildlife surrounded by breathtaking scenery. We’ll visit the islands making up Shetland, Skye, the Uists, Lewis and Harris. Watch Otters, Eagles (Sea and Golden), Orchids and Skuas – beauty and splendour await!

April 29th 2019        The Best of British Wildlife                  Sean Browne with Nigel Slater

We happen to think Sean is the best wildlife photographer in our ‘neck of the woods’. He’ll be sharing his stunning pictures of our native birds, insects and mammals, unique images captured on his travels the length and breadth of Britain. Tonight, aided by our very own Nigel Slater, he’ll be taking us from the Isles of Scilly, via Attenborough Nature Reserve to the Shetland Isles making it a very special ‘local team event’.                                    

This meeting includes our brief AGM.

Guided Walks 2018-2019

LOCATION - Attenborough Nature Reserve, MEET - Nature Centre Car Park, Barton Lane, NG9 6DY


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