Beeston Wildlife Group Walks and Talks

Indoor Talks 2017-2018

VENUE - Trent Vale Infants School, Trent Road, Beeston Rylands, Nottinghamshire, NG9 1LP.

ADMISSION - £2.00 Adults, £1.00 Children - includes refreshments.

TIME - 7.30 - 9.30pm.

Sept 18th 2017       Up Close and Personal - pictures from a hidden world  David Fox

An incredible spectacle revealed by close-up photography, featuring British mammals, insects and plants. Expert and lighthearted commentary. A talk for the whole family.

Oct 16th 2017         Birds and Climate Change, David Parkin

Some believe climate change isn't happening. Seeing the arrival of new birds from the Mediterranean, and the earlier arrival dates of our regular visitors, tells a different story. Find out why we should only buy wine with real corks! Intrigued - come along.

Nov 20th 2017        Secret Wildlife of the Forest of Dean, Nick Martin

The beautiful Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire harbours a wide range of woodland wildlife including many secretive animals and birds. We'll look for the elusive goshawk, the shy dipper and the exotic mandarin duck. Find out where adders hide, dormice feed and about the exciting return of the wild boar to the woodland scene.

Dec 18th 2017        South American Big Cats, Tim Melling

Cougars, Condors and Torrent Ducks in the Chilean High Andes - Jaguars, Giant Otters and Hyacinth Macaws in the Brazilian Pantanal, some of the richest area of wildlife on the planet. Scores of birds and mammals in another of Tim’s epic adventures.

Jan 15th 2018         Migrants, Drifters and Vagrants in Britain,  Nigel Slater

Being an island is no barrier to the continuous stream of wildlife to our shores. Insects, fish, mammals, plants and birds arrive either by choice, or driven by the winds or currents. Some epic journeys are revealed. Surprises will abound.

Feb 12th 2018    A Peek behind The Curtain - Wildlife in No-Man’s Land, Tim Sexton

For over 40 years the Iron Curtain divided Europe. Along stretches, the physical barrier was set 5km in from a country’s actual border, creating a no man’s land – free from human inhabitants. With little disturbance, wildlife thrived. When the Iron Curtain fell many of these areas became protected as national parks. Tim looks at the wildlife of one such area, Podyji National Park in the Czech Republic.

March 19th 2018     Food from the Countryside,  Patrick Harding

A vastly experienced forager, Patrick will show us what can be eaten safely and for free! He’ll give us a menu with starters, main course, puddings and even wine and coffee to follow! Are you brave enough to give it a try?

April 23rd 2018       The State of Our Nature,  Paul Hobson

Since 2000, naturalists have monitored the state of British wildlife and its habitats - there is good and bad news. Paul looks at many examples and suggests how we should manage our islands for the next century. This meeting includes our brief AGM.


Guided Walks 2017-2018

LOCATION - Attenborough Nature Reserve, MEET - Nature Centre Car Park, Barton Lane, NG9 6DY

TIME - 10.00am Start ~1.00pm Finish


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