Sightings for August 2006

Wednesday 30th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Curlew x7[heading west],Common Sandpiper, Garganey, R.C.Pochard,Bahama Pintail. Attenborough N.R. - Little egret, oystercatcher, yellow-legged gull, 2 commmon buzzards and red-tailed hawk over heronry wood.

Sunday 27th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Common Sandpiper,R.C.Pochard,Snipe,Oystercatcher x4[inc 2 juveniles],Buzzard x4

Saturday 26th Aug 2006
Attenborough NR - 12 Egyptian Geese [Barton Flash], 7 Willow Warblers, 2 Reed Warblers, Sedge Warbler and on Clifton Pit: 2 Little Egrets, Common Sandpiper, Common Snipe. plus Turtle Dove [through to the NW.]

Friday 25th Aug 2006
Attenborough NR - Garganey [front of hide, Clifton Pit], 2 Little Egrets, Water Rail [freshmarsh], Hornet [Delta].

Tuesday 22nd Aug 2006
Attenborough N.R. - 9 Curlew over,3 oystercatcher,snipe,common sandpiper,2 greenshank,juv.peregrine,red-crested pochard,yellow-legged gull,wigeon,3 buzzards.

Monday 21st Aug 2006
Attenborough - Little Egret x2,Greenshank,Garganey,Cuckoo,Willow Tit,Yellow Legged Gull,Great Black Backed Gull.

Sunday 20th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Little Egret,Greenshank,Buzzard x2,Water Rail,Yellow Wagtail x2.

Friday 18th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Little Egret x2,Greenshank,R.C.Pochard x2.

Thursday 17th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Little Egret x2,Greenshank,R.C.Pochard,Pintail,Juv Water Rail,[all clifton pit/wet marsh],Y.L.Gull[works],and a Common Sandpiper.

Wednesday 16th Aug 2006
Attenborough N.R. - Little egret,greenshank,redshank,red-crested pochard x2,buzzard,sev.small red-eyed damselfies in front of delta hide.

Tuesday 15th Aug 2006
Attenborough N.R. - 4x Little egret (clifton pit midday), garganey,LRP,red-crested pochard,yellow wagtail, 5x buzzard over heronry wood.

Monday 14th Aug 2006
Attenborough NR - Greenshank [Clifton pit-am. Wet Marsh-pm], 2 Little Egrets [Coneries], Oystercatcher [Sailing Pit]

Sunday 13th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Greenshank still on Fresh Marsh

Sunday 13th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Little Egret,Common Sandpiper,Greenshank x2,Snipe x2,Red crested pochard,Garganey,Common Gull x4[all clifton pit].yellow Wagtail x2,Grey Wagtail,Hobby,Buzzard x2,Tree Sparrow c12.

Friday 11th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Little Egret,Yellow Wagtail x2,Snipe,Y.L.Gull,L.B.B.Gull x2,Garganey,Greenshank,House Martin C150[end of Barton lane in paddock,inc good numbers of juvs].

Thursday 10th Aug 2006
Attenborough N.R. - Garganey,greenshank,common sandpiper,snipe x 2,red-crested pochard,(all Clifton pit),little egret(with cormorants roosting on Conneries),hornet(old car park),yellow-legged gull(sail pit).

Wednesday 9th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Little Egret,Common Sandpiper,Snipe x2,Yellow Wagtail x2,Yellow Legged Gull,Greenshank.

Tuesday 8th Aug 2006
Attenborough - late morning, Common Sandpiper, Snipe, Little Grebe (all Clifton Pit), 5 Kingfishers. Attenborough N.R. - Little egret,garganey,greenshank,yellow-legged gull,3 x yellow wagtail.

Monday 7th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Little Egret[clifton pit],Dunlin+Yellow Wagtail x2[Tween].

Saturday 5th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Water Rail [Clifton pit in the reed bed], Whimbrel [overflying], Yellow legged Gull [Coneries], several small warblers noticeable including Common Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat and Chiffchaff.

Friday 4th Aug 2006
Attenborough - Lesser+ greater Spotted,and Green Woodpecker.Juv Hobby,Juv Sparrowhawk,Bahama Pintail.

Tuesday 1st Aug 2006
Attenborough - Common Sandpiper x3 + snipe[clifton pit],Yellow Wagtail x2[tween],Grey wagtail[centre], Juvenile Hobby [L Meadow].

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