Beeston Wildlife Group - Walks and Talks



LOCATION   Attenborough Nature Reserve
MEET           Nature Centre Car Park, Barton Lane, NG9 6DY

TIME              10.00am Start  -  Finish~1.00pm


Apr 19th 2014, May 17th 2014, Jun 21st 2014, July 19th 2014, Aug 16th 2014, Sept 20th 2014, Oct 25th 2014, Nov 22nd 2014, Jan 24th 2015, Feb 28th 2015, Mar 21st 2015, Apr 25th 2015, May 16th 2015, Jun 20th 2015, July 18th 2015, Aug 15th 2015


VENUE          Trent Vale Infants School, Trent Road, Beeston Rylands, Nottinghamshire, NG9 1LP.

TIME                7.30 - 9.30pm.

ADMISSION   £2.00 Adults, £1.00 Children - includes refreshments


Sept 15th 2014               DOLPHINS                                                 Robert Alan-Haven

Anyone who has had an encounter with dolphins will know how exhilarating it can be. Their seeming joy of living somehow transfuses through us, lifting our spirits.  Robert has swum with dolphins and researched their behaviour for many years and delights in telling of his experiences.

Oct 20th 2014                GOLDEN EAGLE FUTURES                             Dr Alan Fielding

The majesty of a soaring Golden Eagle makes it a sought after bird to see. Unfortunately, they are still persecuted by some landowners. Alan advises the British and Irish governments on how to protect these birds and tells us about their lifestyles and how it’s not just humans who upset them!

Nov 17th 2014                IN PRAISE OF TREES                                 Dr Patrick Harding

Patrick explains which of our trees are native and how different timber has been used for making all manner of objects. Some trees are steeped in superstition, some grow where worshippers gather. We’ll learn how to identify and manage them and why most living things depend on them.

Dec 15th 2014                BIRD MISIDENTIFICATION                               Dr Tim Melling

Tim works for the RSPB and frequently gets requests to identify mystery birds. Some of the descriptions and situations are truly hilarious. This talk will send you away with a smile. You will never think you are poor bird watcher after this evening!  Mince pies as usual - as it is Christmas.

Jan 19th 2015                DERBYSHIRE MAMMALS                                   Debbie Alston

There are some surprising mammal species in our adjoining county and Debbie is an authority on them and co-author of a book on the subject. We’ll look at the distribution and status of animals as diverse as mice to deer and wallabies to wild boar. Might some cross the border and visit us?

Feb 23rd 2015                ETHIOPIA                                                          Paul Bingham

Sadly this East African country is remembered for the famine in 1984. It is a beautiful country with lakes, mountains and its own Rift Valley. Civilisation is believed to have started here. Ethiopia teems with history and wildlife, with hundreds of different species of birds, reptiles and mammals.

March 16th 2015            THE SHETLAND ISLES                        David Tolliday

Britain’s most northerly islands are rich with wildlife; we’ll see birds, insects, mammals and plants.  The islands are remote and rugged; anything living up here needs to be tough. David’s superb photography captures the real ‘feel’ of the place, we will also enjoy some evocative sounds.

April 20th 2015              GIVING BIRDS A HELPING HAND                     Dr David Parkin

David returns to tell us of even more species that have become near-extinct, but due to remarkable efforts of dedicated enthusiasts and scientists, they have returned from the brink. Fascinating stories of chance findings, good and bad luck and human intervention are expertly woven.  This meeting includes our brief AGM and is dedicated to our founder Keith Corbett.



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