Things To Do at Attenborough

Jack Perks

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Attenborough Nature Reserve is best known for its birds. In summer many species migrate here to breed including warblers and a large colony of comment terns.  The winter brings waterfowl such as goldeneye, goosander and a large proportion of the county's shoveler and great crested grebe.  One of the most important winter visitors is the bittern, a secretive member of the heron family - now one of the most threatened bird species in the UK.

In spring and summer the Reserve is a hive of activity with butterflies (including the rare brown argus), dragonflies - which patrol and hunt along the water's edge, over 100 species of hoverfly and some 400 species of moth.  Badgers, voles and otters and seven species of bat can also make their home here.  The flora of Attenborough is of county importance with over 450 species of plant recorded - including many scarce wetland specialities.

Be Inspired ...

  • Call in to the Nature Centre and pick up a seasonal spotting guide
  • Visit one of our very special bird hides to view wildlife without disturbance
  • Have a look at the sightings board for up to date information
  • Come along to an event day and have fun while learning about nature
  • Join our monthly nature walks held throughout the year
  • Follow a nature trail
  • Find out more about sand martins

Here's a fun wildlife thing to do at home - Make an insect hotel, just make it bigger for a mansion!

Talking about Attenborough Nature Reserve, Sir David Attenborough said:

“Everybody needs to have a lifeline to the natural world, and as our towns and villages become larger, they’re becoming increasingly hard to find…the survival and flourishing of places like this demands continuous work and attention.”