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Magnifiers, Hand lenses, Microscopes and Detectors

Bushnell 24mp Trophy Cam HD

The trail cam Used to film the NWT Christmas Ad in 2017. This versatile HD camera performs well both day and night.


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Bushnell NatureView Cam HD Essential

Remote Wildlife Camera - Captures incredible 720p HD video, 12MP images and features audio record in video mode.


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Magenta Bat 4 Bat Detector

With a Magenta Bat Detector you can listen to ultrasonic chirps, smacks and clicks from bats around you at night. Containing a waterproof speaker and high quality audio, with a light on the front for finding your way around.


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Magenta Bat 5 Bat Detector

The Magenta Bat 5 Digital Quartz Bat Detector has a back lit 4 digit LCD frequency display, a high stability, easily tuned local oscillator and advanced amplification and filtering circuits. Allowing you to easily home in on bat frequencies and discover a whole new world at night.


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Silver Geo 10x Hand Lens

The SilverGEO® x10 field lens is superb quality and has excellent optics, yet offers great value for money. This lens has a x10 magnification with a large 21mm viewing area.


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